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“Put quite simply, Karen Levin saved my life. I was on a fast track to self-destruction in my late twenties when I first met her; I was frightened, isolated, trusted no one, and was fully prepared to die. As a child who had grown up in an alcoholic environment, I had learned at an early age to hide – even from myself. My fear and shame were all-consuming. Karen was the compassionate, consistent, trustworthy figure I had always needed, and under her care I slowly felt safe enough to come out of hiding. With insight, intuition, and patient guidance, Karen helped me to excavate the root causes of my behavior and accept myself exactly as I was at any given moment. Her non-judgmental approach to the process allowed me to be less critical of myself as I stumbled along the path to healing. Putting my trust in her, she guided me to eventually put trust in myself. She gave me the tools I needed to move forward in the world without crippling fear. Life now is not something to be avoided – it is beyond my wildest expectations. As I continue in my emotional growth, Karen’s versatility and scope of knowledge become even more apparent. She has been able to meet me exactly where I am and intuitively provide exactly what I seem to need at the time, so I continue to learn and grow. I feel so lucky and grateful to have Karen in my life!”

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